Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More pictures

Wow! Two posts in one day! This post is just because I couldn't get all the pictures I wanted on the last post. I just think my kids are sooo gorgeous that I have to show them off. :) But, I guess I should do a bit of an update.
Braden's crazy, as usual. I've just realized that Braden's kinda the life of the house. He's so full of energy and just wants to have fun with anybody and everybody. When he's gone for long, instead of feeling like I get to have a rest, I feel like the life has been sucked out of the room. It's too quiet and too calm. Never thought that was something I'd ever say. We're putting Braden ion some kind of sport this year. We wanted to put him in T-ball, but we found out when they were the day after they closed. Oh well. He doesn't need the tee anymore anyways. So we'll do soccer. He doesn't care. It's a sport!

Noah's doing better and better with his speech. I'm so pleased with him. He's come a huge distance from where he was. Now, Noah's at his age level with his vocabulary, but he's still very hard to understand and is doing a few two word phrases and sentences. He still sees a speech therapist every other week. The big boys love when she comes because she brings the coolest toys. Noah's turning into such a copy cat, trying to do everything Braden does. I just love that kid!

Jack is still not crawling! He gets around pretty well by scooting or doing this funny thing where he lays on his stomach, then sits up, then lays back down over and over. It's kinda funny. He's pulling to a stand, but doesn't understand that he has to keep holding on. Hopefully his balance will improve pretty quickly. He's gone about two or three seconds a few times before falling (I catch him). I didn't think he would walk as early as Braden and Noah, but he's so motivated he just might. At least he'll be pretty close.

Kevin's still working away. Seriously, he's always working! Because he's so good at his job, his boss keeps putting him in specialized training, which he always does awesome at, so he gets put in for more training. I think eventually they'll run out of stuff to train him in, but then what will they do?
My handsome boys.
The picture's small enough that it's hard to see, but Noah's face (and the rest of him) is covered in dirt, courtesy of Braden. This is what happens when you have dirt for a backyard.

This is a video of Braden doing what he called something like "Super Braden Rocket" something or other. Just to show you what I deal with on a day to day basis. Oh, and he does cartwheels.


About a week or so ago, we decided to roast some marshmallows in our backyard. The kids had a blast! (This was during a very short warm spell, we're now back to it being cold.) Noah ended up being absolutely filthy, covered in dirt and marshmallow, Braden just wanted to play with the fire, and Jack kept getting bit by mosquitos, but hey, if it makes them happy, right? Next time, we'll do s'mores.

Isn't he adorable?

Random kid pictures.

Noah's throwing dirt on Braden. Don't worry, he'll get back at him.