Monday, October 27, 2008

Cute pictures!

So these pictures were so cute, I had to share them. Aren't these boys adorable?

Oh, and some small news. They just realigned the ward boundaries in our stake. It needed to be done, our ward was huge and had tons of little kids, especially nursery aged ones. And one of the other wards was tiny, so they realigned things to try and help out. The only problem is I don't think it helped much. Fallon fourth ward is still huge with tons of little kids; they only moved a few of us out. Yep, we got moved. We're now in the medium sized ward. There are a few other couples with young kids in that ward, but not many. Two other young couples moved with us, the rest stayed in our old ward, including all the ones we were friends with. So we'll be seeing less of them, but hopefully will make some new ones. What gets me the most is that I'm going to miss my Primary kids and I don't even get to say goodbye. Although, I'm glad I'm not the Primary President. She lost five teachers, the newly called pianist (my mom), and the secretary. Yowser! I think that almost everybody who changed wards is in Primary. And our favorite nursery leader is staying (sad for Braden!).

Lattin Farms

For those of you who don't know, Lattin Farms is an actual farm that is opened to the public for things like corn mazes, market fresh produce, a bakery, interesting jams, dressings, butters, etc., and general fun for the family. Also, Kevin and I met and had our wedding reception here. Anyway, we took the kiddos out to the farm on Saturday. When we got out of the car Braden sees the "cow train," gets all excited and says, "I want to go there!" So first thing first, Braden rode the cow train. It's just barrels fixed up like cows and jerry-rigged to the back of a tractor (there are seatbelts, and every child must use them). He had a blast! That's really all he wanted to do, but we did convince him to try something else.

The bouncer! He loved it! I guess he was pretty happy that we convinced him to get off the train. They also had a little blow up jungle gym type thing for kids who couldn't or didn't want to do the bouncer. It had a little crawl through tunnel. That's what this shot is.

We also went and fed some goats. Braden thought that was pretty cool. We didn't get any good shots of that, and well, goats aren't that great anyway. Before we left, we got some shots of the kids in the pumpkin/gourd patch.

Poor Noah just wants to be bigger so he can go and do all the cool things that Braden gets to do. But even then, he had fun just watching everything that was going on around him. Lattin Farms is pretty much only open when there are things ready to eat (and be sold), and don't usually have lots of fun stuff like this until the corn maze is ready, so this isn't an everyday occurrence. All in all, it was a pretty great day. My only complaint was how many bees there were. It's a good thing for them, sure, what with pollination and all. But I just kept thinking about what if one of the kids or I got stung and it turns out that we're deathly allergic to bee stings. A littl paranoid, I know. The funny thing is that I even had a dream with lots of wasps and bees and hornets in it (indoors and out) because I was so nervous. Strange, huh? But we really did have fun. Maybe we'll go again and take the kids to the maze. Or maybe not because the maze is huge and you have to stay out of the corn. Good luck keeping Braden out!

Friday, October 24, 2008

This is pretty cool.

So I found this on someone else's blog and thought it was pretty cool. It does first and last name and then tells you how many people in the US have the same name. Turns out, I'm pretty rare! There's only 7 of me (depending on how recent their records are). If I use my maiden name (I was a Hassell once, after all) then there's only 2! Try it out! Let me know where you stand.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This is nuts!

So, just a few days after cold weather and snow, the weather here in Fallon is now sunny and warm (in the 70's). Talk about crazy weather!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Snow Shocker! and other Random stuff

So, as much as I like the snow, I don't think I like the snow in October. Just after the kids and I woke up this morning, we looked out the window and it was snowing! And not just a little bit. It was snowing quite hard with big flakes (think quarter size), but it's too warm to stick. It's unbelievable! Here it is, the beginning of October and it's snowing! It hardly snows in winter! Hopefully this isn't a sign that winter is going to be colder than usual this year. Poor Noah doesn't have any winter clothes because we lived in Hawaii when Braden was a baby. Looks like winter gear for Noah is moving up on my priority list.
This is the lovely view outside our dining room window.

We took Braden to the dentist the other day and he was so good that he got tochoose something out of the prize box. He chose a cool army guy. It was wrapped in plastic so Kevin told Braden that he could have it in the car. Well, pretty much as soon as it was unwrapped, Braden snapped the guy's head off. Nice one.

Sorry the picture's sideways. I forgot to fix it.