Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Because I like pictures...

...and I think you do, too, this post has lots of pictures. Not as many as I would really like to post, but I understand that nobody likes to look at pictures of my kids as much as I do. There is no particular order to these. There were all taken within the last month so are pretty much what they look like now.
Braden and Grandma (Kevin's mom) carved his pumpkin, and I carved Noah's pumpkin. He helped by telling me if he liked my design.

I don't have any pictures of me and all the boys, so you're going to have to settle for this. The weather here has been BEAUTIFUL. Nice enough that you don't need a jacket during the day.

This is what the boys looked like one day after playing outside. There's mud all down their backs, too.

Yes. Jack really does have curly hair.

A little while after this picture was taken, Braden grabbed a piece of a game out of Jack's hand and made him fall and hit his head on the TV stand. Jack gets up crying and I thought he was coming to me for comforting, but no. He walked right past me (still crying) over to Braden and hits him! While I technically think this is funny, I also see how it doesn't bode well for our kids' futures.

I was going to post a couple of videos that I liked, but for some reason, they won't upload. The first was a video of Braden "breakdancing" that's hilarious. The second was a video of Braden and Noah doing somersaults off our couch. Oh well.

Braden is in preschool now and loves it. His teacher was Kevin's preschool teacher and she is the BEST. Everyday Braden asks if it's a school day and if he's sent home with homework, he can't wait to do it. He seems to be learning a lot, too.

Noah is so funny. If you ask him a question, and sometimes if you ask someone else, he'll answer, "Ee-yup." He's so excited about everything, and his eyes get all twinkly, and it's just so cute to watch him. I wish everybody could see him in real life, because he's so much cuter in person than in his pictures, and I think it's because of his personality.

Jack is still big, but now he's not very chubby. He's in the 92nd percentile for height and 50th for weight (which is still big in our family), so he's getting into things that are high enough that most kids his age (almost 13 months!) can't. For example, we have lever door handles on our inside doors. He can open them. He also likes to pull food down that's been left on the table. He's made a lot of messes doing that. Today, he discovered that if he spins in circles long enough, he'll get dizzy. Apparently he thinks that's fun, because he did it over and over again. Silly boy! Jack does the cutest thing. If he's around when Braden or Noah wakes up, he'll run over to them saying, "Hi! Hi! Hi!" in a cute sing-song voice. He'll also run into the big boys bedroom if he wakes up first in the morning and climb up on their bed saying the same thing.

Kevin was recently given an award at work. It was a statewide thing with lots of people involved, and they had a 3 day conference ending with an awards ceremony in Reno. Part of the "deal" was a free three night stay at the Peppermill for us. It was nice to have a mini vacation from the boys, but it was hard to leave them for so long. The only bad thing? I lost my brand new phone and someone stole it before I found out it was lost.

I'm the Primary music leader at church and we had our Sacrament meeting program a couple of weeks ago. I just want to say how impressed I am with all the Primary kids! They did their parts, sat reverently, and sang all the songs so well! Way to go Primary!

Also, just a little bragging. I won second place in the ward chili cook off for the second year in a row. Pretty cool if you consider that it's not a traditional chili.


snbjork said...

Okay, first of all, please send me your award winning chili recipe. I've been on the hunt for an awesome recipe and I haven't found one yet! Congrats!

And congratulations to Kevin for his career award! That's great! And I'm sure is was very nice to get away for a few days (especially on someone else's dollar). =)

Your boys are super adorable. Sometimes I have to do a double take to realize that I'm looking at a picture of Noah, not Braden. He looks so much like his big brother! I love Jack's curly hair. It looks a lot like Evelyn's. Haha! Such cuties.

Thanks for the picture show. I always enjoy seeing up-to-date pictures of your family.

The A Family said...

Wow they are all getting so big! You should post your chili recipe!

tonzfam said...

Sooooo much fun! I know your posts are old (like mine!) but I have been away from the whole 'blog' thing for a while! But I have discovered that blogging is a much better way of recording our lives than FB. You can add so much more detail! Thanks for your comment, I can't believe she is in preschool either! But she loves it and I'm so proud of her!